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  • May 2021 Meetup: SEO Checklist for Any WordPress Site

    On Thursday, May 13, Natasha Burtenshaw-deVries shared an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) checklist that can apply to every WordPress website, from personal blogs to larger businesses. Natasha is an SEO Strategist at Flywheel Digital in Vancouver (although she lives in Hamilton). She first started with WordPress a decade ago, and has been an “active” (her […]

  • August 2020 Meetup – SEO for Blogging 1010

    Looking back to our August 2020 Meetup, Natasha Burtenshaw-deVries (@natasha_bd) joined us as our guest speaker to talk about ‘SEO 101 for Blogging’. Covering everything from why websites should have a blog to WordPress plugins that can give them an SEO boost, she shared plenty of information and anecdotes for people who are both new […]